The work focuses on subjective experience in urban, public environments. I use the principle of material and non-material exchange as a means of establishing communication, sharing my own thoughts and experiences with strangers who want something from me. I create a sound work from open and immediate communication with others. The primary intention was to relativize subjective, diary notes and notes by letting them read on the street by people who approached me and said they wanted me to do something. Reflections and experiences of respondents were added to the text. All readings were recorded in the form of audio recording, which is further postproduced.

Premedice - Radiocustica, ČRo Vltava, May 29, 2019
Basement Project gallery, Olomouc, May, 2019

Intimate tautology

This was the first exhibition that uses the entire capacity of the bag of the history of the VAK Gallery. It changes the spatial disposition of the object both inside and outside. It denies its functionality, thus shifting it from the position of a “walking” exhibition space to the position of artifact.

VAK Galerry, Brno, May, 2019


Process of a traditional wind instrument.
Squeezebox a SuperCollider.

Stalin, Praha, July 31, 2018
(live concert record)
Trojka, Brno, August 16, 2018


I recognize Anette through her voice. I observe the character of Anette´s voice through short spoken messages which Anette was sending me during two months. The spoken messages define Anette including fonetic details indicate about her current mood. I have studied these voice characteristics and then wrote a script describing the phenomena taking place in Anette´s speech.

Brno, July, 2018


I let the guests to enter on the opening of exhibition Something for something if they are able to strike me. I refer to the biblical story of Noah´s ARK, a way of selecting survivors who have been privileged to save themselves from the flood. I also point out on invisible rules within certain communities and places.

Kulturák ARCHA, Lubná, April 11, 2018


Reminiscent composition from the reconstruction of the apartment.
Clarinet and live electronics.

June, 2018


Field recordings of garden, forest and henhouse.
Composition of interconnected sounds from different places.

Lubná, September 2017


Voodoo attempt for cousins fertility.

Cottage, Nové Heřmínovy, August 26, 2017
(performance record)


Opening of the attic above the main ship of the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius in Prostějov.

Všem, Gallery Cyril, Prostějov, May, 2017


The folk ordinarium of Karel Bříza is the most played piece on church masses. Many of the church’s choirs adapt to their own interpretation the originally written song. Interpretation of folk creativity is a material for the composition – orchestra players have chosen the instrument themselves and they recorded own improvisation. Then I composed the song from parts of the recordings. The players then played by the score and folk-finishing the song during opening of exhibition.

April, 2017
Všem, Gallery Cyril, Prostějov, May 4, 2017 (live on the footbridge above the church vault)
Zvukové stezky & Magnetické pole, Convent of Saint Agnes in Prague, May 18, 2017 (acousmaticly)


I use the acoustic phenomenon to compose. The sound of acoustic instrument (I.piano, II.zither, III.guitar) is supplemented by electronic additive synthesis which detunes the instrument during the composition. The interferences appear across the aliquots when the electronic signal collides with the sound of the instrument in the space. The originally played tone becomes the source of information to expand the space behind it.

January 2017
Odlet III./Noční směna, Cejl, Brno, February 2017 (+vj performance – tso – Markéta Wágnerová, video – Anna Tesařová)
Guitar institut, Brno, April 2017


Revival project of the famous Czech’s folk band. Collaboration with my brother Zdešek.

Theater club Polička, November 22, 2016
Church of St. Cyril and Methodius, Prostějov, June 4, 2017
Široký Důl, July 16, 2017
Skalka pub, Lubná, April 7, 2018
Kulturák ARCHA, October 27, 2018
Theater club Polička, December 1, 2018


Post-production detective from the daily recordings of the places in Brno.

Brno, November 2016


Hen house is conceived as a medium for engaging generations, specifically for author of the hen house and his grandmother which will initiate him to the principles of care of poultry. The object is designed as a luxury villa for chickens as opposed to battery cages and as a metaphor of the social differences of today’s society. Quater of the henhouse will be used as a studio or residential place for the public (https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/martin-hurych), as an example of the earlier propotional distribution of the residential and farm part of the farms. This simulation of past life in village is transformed into contemporary architectual morphology, which should point out on dying farm tradition of the village, on the coexistence of human with farm animals.

garden, Lubná, May 2016, July, 2017


Drum washer which previously used to for paper pulp washing reminds me ruin of the ancient baths complex. The cylinder set inside this ruin is analogous to the process of making paper and human cleansing in a thermal spa.
In the opening of the exhibition, the drum served as a podium for Three Cocks.

Project program, DIVUS Perla, Vranné nad Vltavou, April, 2016